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Harvington Nursery takes girls and boys from the term that they are three up until they move to the next stage of their education in our Transition or a Reception class. The girls then progress through our Prep School. We are a happy, thriving community, with high educational standards.

We place enormous emphasis on the creative development and sensory experience of the children and there are plenty of opportunities for performances, drama mornings and musical activities. Parents are warmly invited to such events and share in our celebration of the children.

Our aim is to create a secure, stimulating and happy environment in which children are helped to develop their potential as individuals and as members of the school community.

We instill a positive ethos that reflects the whole school’s commitment to high achievement, good relationships and equality of opportunity for all pupils.

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We value and develop close communication between home and school and operate an open door policy; we are always interested to hear of parents’ thoughts and ideas.

Nursery children benefit from French lessons taught by our native French teacher, PE lessons from a specialist teacher and music and drama lessons from our specialist music and drama teachers. Children visit our Pre-Prep School library, on a weekly basis.

Children learn through play and experiences. We provide plenty of opportunities for structured and guided play and for children to make choices and learn from personal experience. The children benefit from an interactive approach to learning through the use of our Interactive Whiteboards in our Nursery classrooms.

The children’s learning is closely monitored against the areas of learning in The Foundation Stage. Careful and detailed records of each child’s progress are kept in the areas of learning and we have termly parents evenings and weekly newsletters from school and the early years. Each child is assessed on an individual basis and encouraged to progress according to his/her ability. Most of our Nursery children move to our Transition class with the basic building blocks of reading, writing and arithmetic.

The children have plenty of opportunities to develop their physical coordination. We have a separate and well-resourced outdoor play area and the children have regular and structured use of all the equipment. Transition benefit from their own discreet outdoor area in addition to the main playground and they also, together with Nursery make use of the large playground and a spacious, well resourced garden laid to lawn, on a daily basis.

As part of a cohesive identity, all our children in Nursery and Transition wear the full school uniform. horizontal nursery 1

We value and celebrate our cultural diversity and welcome boys and girls from all backgrounds. The ethos of the school is one of harmony and respect for all. Our children are happy, confident learners. The Nursery is a warm and caring educational establishment where boys and girls develop a love for learning and a sense of fun in being at school. horizontal nursery 1


Transition has a well-planned curriculum with excellent resources, so that each child can take their learning forward. Opportunities are provided to enable all children to succeed in an atmosphere of care and feeling valued.

Girls in our Transition continue to work through the areas of learning:-

Prime Areas - Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Making relationships, Self-confidence and self-awareness, Managing feelings and behaviour, Physical Development, Moving and handling, Health and self-care, Communication and Language, Listening and attention, Understanding and Speaking

Specific Areas - Literacy, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Numbers, Shape, space and measure, Understanding the World, People and Communities, The World, Technology, Expressive Arts and Design, Exploring. Using media and materials and Being imaginative.

Most will have completed the Foundation Stage meeting all the early learning goals and some will exceed these.transition 1

Effective assessment can only take place when children have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding, learning and development in a range of ways which respects each child as an individual and which values children's efforts and interests, and which truly enables successful learning, with high quality adult interaction. What is important is that children, have their own ideas and can choose ways to do things and be allowed to find new ways to do things, their way, without overt adult teaching. We involve children fully in their own learning but also, we encourage a two-way flow of information between school and home. That way, reviews of the child's achievement include those demonstrated at home by way of daily specific conversations and more formally, at parents' evening, held termly, with conversations that are valuable insights. 'Wow' moments are also facilitated by sending home, the sheet for parents to note on and return this to school.

The EYFS Profile, completed at the end of the academic year that your daughters are five, summarises and describes children's attainment at the end of the EYFS. It is based on on-going observations from school and home; and assessment in the three prime and four specific areas of learning shown above and the three characteristics of learning, set out below:-

Active learning, creating and thinking critically and playing and exploring.

A completed EYFS Profile consists of 20 items of information: the attainment of each child assessed in relation to the 17 Early Learning Goal descriptors, together with a short narrative describing the child's three learning characteristics.transition 2

The emphasis in Transition begins to shift towards a solid acquisition of reading, writing and arithmetic, as the girls are prepared to move into our Prep School. The girls continue to benefit from specialist teaching in French, drama, PE and music. We value and develop close communication between home and school and operate an open door policy; we are always interested to hear parents' thoughts and ideas. We also encourage parental participation within the Early Years Education and welcome you if you have any skills or talents, or if you would just like to help out for a session.transition 3

Transition Girls Lying Down