The school’s mission is to identify and develop to the full the natural talents and potential of each individual pupil and to prepare them for the next step of their education. The school seeks to achieve this within the context of a multi-cultural community, emphasising strong moral and spiritual tenets shared with all faiths.


Harvington School opened in 1890 as Heidelberg College, a kindergarten school run by two sisters, Misses Watson. The school was named after the birthplace of Miss Chrystabel Watson’s mentor, and remained Heidelberg College until the First World War when in 1915 the staff and parents took the decision to rename the school, and Harvington was born.

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In 1892 a third Watson sister, Miss Florence, had taken over Heidelberg College, making Miss Chrystabel her deputy and moving the school to Castlebar Road, occupying two houses. Miss Flo, as she was known by the girls, was headmistress for an outstanding forty-eight years and was replaced by joint Headmistresses, Miss Emerton and Mrs Turner in 1940.

In 1956 after sixteen years, the two Heads retired and in their place Miss Frances Smith took over the school. She remained Head for fourteen years until Miss Joan Nicholson, who had been with Harvington since 1952, became Headmistress in 1970, until 1988.

Mrs Anita Fookes became Deputy Head in 1986 and in 1988 made the transition to Headmistress. Mrs Fookes joined the staff in 1979 as a part time teacher in Speech training and managed to juggle both her job and position as Mayor in 1980. After Mrs Fookes came Dr Faye Meek in 1998 who was Headmistress until 2006 when Mrs Anna Evans took the position to the present day.

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Mrs Evans began her career as a secondary school English teacher in the state sector where she taught for 12 years. She made the transition to the independent sector and soon rose to senior management within the prep school world. She has taught in three different prep schools in London.

Mrs Evans directed and led the development of Harvington School to Harvington Prep School as a result of the local demand for a traditional prep school with high standards, gaining entry for girls to the most prestigious senior schools in London.

The School’s award system has historical connections and currently runs throughout the four houses: Gordon, after Gordon Road where Heidelberg College Kindergarten School was first opened. Duncan, in memory of Nellie Duncan, a pupil who died from typhoid not long after she left school to join her father in Iquique. An English scholarship was started for girls in her name but lapsed during Word War Two. Kennedy, in memory of Marjorie Kennedy, a Head Girl at Harvington who achieved her Cambridge Higher Local Certificate in 1911. Finally, Norris named after Phyllis Norris, a pupil at the school who died aged sixteen of tuberculosis in 1912. Her parents donated a scholarship for girls with excellent all-round capabilities.


Harvington Prep School is a school with a heart and with a conscience. It is a school that reaches out and touches those who come into contact with it and a school that encourages growth; it encourages the growth of very young children through the various stages of childhood into caring, warm, socially responsible, confident and highly intelligent girls.

The girls are under the care of their form teacher and their academic progress and social development is monitored and nurtured. Children are encouraged to and know to approach their form teacher should they feel troubled about any issues. Each classroom has a chart of school rules that remind children of a code of behaviour and of who to approach should they wish to discuss anything. The headmistress is always at hand to speak to girls at all times. As Harvington Prep School is a small school, the children’s progress is easy to monitor and achievement is readily identified and celebrated. All the staff are hands on and each member of staff knows the children in their care with accuracy and precision.

At Harvington Prep School we run a PSHCE programme which looks at social and emotional as well as health and citizenship issues with the girls, ensuring that such important areas are raised and discussed thereby equipping our girls with an understanding and familiarisation of life skills and experiences.

Our recent ISI inspection report recognised the quality of pupils' personal development as 'outstanding' and our pastoral care as 'excellent'. The report also commented that pupils' care for one another is embedded in all aspects of school life and that our pupils demonstrate outstanding levels of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

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Extra Curricular

Extra-Curricular Activities

Harvington offers an extremely wide range of exciting extra-curricular activities
Programmes include:

Little Artists | Craft Club | Mini Chef | Tennis | Board Games | Chess | Ballet | Singing | Violin | Rounders | Touch Typing | Spanish | Latin | Tone Chimes | Mandarin

For a list of the current clubs click Here

The School office can provide more details on clubs available

Breakfast and After School Clubs

We know how busy parents are and the constant juggling of work and childcare can be frustrating. Therefore we offer and early morning club and an after school club outside normal school hours.


For children from Nursery years to Year 6. Open from 7.45am to doors closing at 8.25am. Includes breakfast
There is no need to book and can be used on an intermittent basis.


For children from Nursery years to Year 6. Open from 3.25pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday

A small additional cost applies for both clubs

Holiday Clubs

Harvington Prep School have teamed up with Aktiva Holiday Camps during the school holidays.


Aktiva is an OFSTED registered children's day camp, that provide and extensive range of sports and activities for children to enjoy. Aktiva offers children between the ages of 4 and 12 a friendly and safe holiday camp environment. We encourage children to try new things, building confidence and broadening their experiences. We are a sports and activities based camp allowing children the freedom to try new activities each day of the week

Our programmes are high energy, full of variety and most importantly, fun!
Our dedicated team of teachers, coaches and child carers encourage children to make new friends while having loads of fun.

The Aktiva team work all year round to ensure we have the best activities, entertainments and equipment to motivate, captivate and inspire your child. We have full programmes for wet and dry weather so fun is never interrupted. Our team is highly motivated and are there to make sure your child is happy throughout each Aktiva day

Dates and further details can be found on their website Aktivacamps.com