English is a core subject on the school curriculum and one that we excel in

We encourage a love of reading from a very early age and our girls are often to be found in one of our libraries, browsing through our varied collection of titles. The study of literature is key to everything we do and our experienced teachers guide the girls through a novel each term, discussing and sharing the richness and nuances of the English language. We look at a varied selection of poetry and prose, in preparation for the challenges of the English 11+ examination. Our girls love writing their own stories and each week, we select one to celebrate and share, in our weekly assembly, as our Story of the Week.

LOST IN A BOOK – an article about children’s reading, written by Mrs Anna Evans (Headmistress of Harvington Prep School) – published in 2012

‘Lost in a book’, has taken on a whole new meaning! Sadly, for far too many young children, lost in a book can mean a lack of understanding of the written text, the complications of a plot, the nuances of language...



Harvington Prep School follows the Singapore Maths method of teaching

We begin our study of mathematics in Nursery, with number recognition, counting and sorting. Harvington Prep School follows the Singapore Maths method of teaching mathematics, that enable the girls to be independent learners of a kinesthetic and visual approach, that lays down the foundations of problem solving at a very early age. That way, our girls are well prepared and confident at applying their skills and their knowledge to the 11+ examination.


History is an important subject on the school curriculum.

We have a chronological approach to history and begin in Year 1 with the study of the dinosaurs leading on, to a look at pre-historic man and ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans . The syllabus then progresses through the history of Britain, from the invaders, the Tudors and Stuarts, the Georgians, the Victorians, World War I, right up to and after the Second World War.

Our approach is to equip the children with the facts and evidence for each topic studied, and allow them to have a creative response, encouraging them to explore and practise their written literary skills.

School trips to museums and relevant historical sites, supplements and enhances the children’s learning.



Art and design is taught throughout the school and also in weekly after school clubs for pre-Prep and Prep students. The art room is light and airy with a pleasant outlook conducive to a quiet, calm and creative atmosphere.

Over the course of their learning, pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills and techniques in a wide variety of areas including painting, drawing, sculpting, needlework, clay modelling and design. Students are exposed to a variety of artists and art styles to enhance their knowledge and understanding of art history, and to put their own artworks into context. They are encouraged to work boldly and creatively in art lessons, and have the opportunity to display and celebrate their masterpieces throughout the school and in external exhibitions and art competitions.

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Wizard of OZ


Drama is taught throughout the school and is the key to a confident and articulate young person.

Girls practise various skills which enable them to perform to a high standard. As well as performing in scripted productions and assemblies, they often write and direct their own plays and films. HPS offers Speech and Drama lessons to small groups of girls resulting in them taking professional examinations. Performing Arts and Film Making are very popular after school clubs.

Foreign Languages

Being able to speak and write another language is a valuable tool on the road to individual success. Many qualities can be developed through the learning of another language, as multiculturalism, communication skills, curiosity and broadening your horizons!

At Harvington Prep School, children learn a foreign language with all the attention, care, encouragement and motivation they need. As at an early age, they are particularly eager to learn languages and do so with ease, children are introduced to French from Nursery. As from Nursery to Year 5, children have two French lessons per week. Year 6 girls have three French lessons per week. The curriculum is varied, imaginative and enjoyable, with an endless list of topics, including French fables, French paintings and French poems for instance.

After school clubs in Spanish and Latin are offered.

Le Tour Eiffel


Religious Education

RE at Harvington Prep is an informative subject that serves to educate the children in the main religions of the school.

Our approach is one of tolerance and not indoctrination. We introduce children to the stories of the Old Testament, to the New Testament and to Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. As with the study of history, we equip the children with the facts and evidence for each topic studied, and allow them to have a creative response, encouraging them to explore and practise their written literary skills.

School trips to museums and relevant historical sites, supplements and enhances the children’s learning.


Geography begins in Year 1 with a familiarisation of countries around the world, through the visits of Barnaby Bear.

It then progresses further up the school, to the geography of the local area and the study of map skills, physical geography, climate zones, continents, the developed and under-developed world and the detailed look at specific countries.

The use of visual and pictorial examples brings the study to many aspects of geography, alive, as does a practical experience such as field trips and orienteering. In Year 6, the girls go on a residential trip to Flatford Mill for a week and are involved in many practical aspects of geography and science, such as pond dipping and weather readings.


Mac Computers


Our ICT suite is equipped with Apple Mac computers and iPads, which the girls start to use from Nursery to begin learning basic computer skills

Girls have a formal ICT lesson once a week and incorporate ICT into much of their learning in the other subjects.

Each classroom has its own computer for the use of the children; interactive white boards are available in all classrooms and are at the heart of the teaching and learning at all levels of the children’s education.


Music is taught from Nursery upwards and the music room is a vibrant and exciting place for all ages.

The focus is on many areas of music, including singing, percussion, composition, history of music and theory. Girls are introduced to the recorder in Year 5 and we have individual instrumental lessons. We have a thriving choir and orchestra and there are plenty of opportunities to perform in formal concerts and also in our Performance Assemblies.

Music is further enhanced around the school through our Music Appreciation Assemblies. Music forms a very important part of class assemblies and girls from Year 1 and above have a hymn practice lesson a week. Our annual Carol Service is an important part of the school calendar and is enjoyed by pupils, teachers and parents.

Singing | Guitar | Violin | Piano | Cello | Recorder | Flute

Playing the piano

PE Balls


At Harvington Prep School we encourage physical education as part of a healthy and active life. Swimming lessons are introduced into the curriculum at Year 1. Children have two PE sessions per week and a weekly swimming lesson.

We compete in friendly matches with other local schools and take part in tournaments. Our swimming gala and sports day are important events on the school calendar.

Sports Played:
Netball | Tennis | Gymnastics | Basketball | Swimming | Rounders | Badminton


As part of our commitment to reading, we have two well-equipped libraries for each section of the school.

The Pre Prep Library houses books for children from Nursery to Year 3, while the Ridgway Library is equipped with a wealth of books for girls in Year 4 to Year 6. Both libraries are spacious and inviting and are open during break times and after school. All girls visit the libraries as part of their English lessons.

Girls Reading at the Library


Harvington Prep School has a designated science laboratory for girls in Year 1 to Year 6.

The girls benefit from the opportunity to use scientific equipment in a safe and specially designed environment. The school runs an after school young scientist club.

The Learning Centre

At Harvington Prep School, we provide small classes with a generous teacher – pupil ratio, in all subjects throughout the school and children naturally thrive in these conditions. In addition to providing this caring and helpful learning environment children can also receive additional support from the Learning Centre.

The focus of the Learning Centre is to help those girls who have the ability and potential to access the full curriculum but who have specific learning or additional language needs that make such access difficult.

The School’s policy is to support these girls as much as possible in the classroom and to offer specialist assistance and tuition in the Learning Centre where appropriate.

In addition to offering individual and group tuition in the Centre and support in class, the Learning Support co-ordinator works closely with class teachers and subject specialists. In this way the expertise and knowledge of all the professionals is shared in order to benefit the girls’ learning.

Learning Support