Harvington Prep School and Nursery

Independent preparatory school in Ealing, West London.


We are enormously proud of the school’s rich history which has laid down foundations for academic excellence. We are equally proud of our innovative aproach to educating girls in the 21st century, incorporating the benefits of the traditional with the modern. Our small classes allow for personalised individual attention to each child and the academic successes of our children are a testimony to their excellent teaching and to their very own desire and drive to excel. Standards are high and expectations are great. At Harvington Prep School we place a strong emphasis on the creative development of the children and our drama and music departments are a strength of the school, enabling the children to perform and shine triumphantly. As a small family unit, our pastoral care is second to none. The children are happy and motivated learners, confident yet caring to those around them. I welcome the opportunity of showing you around our school, to witness for yourselves, the very busy, purposeful and exciting community that we are.

Anna Evans
Harvington Prep School

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Harvington Prep Newsletter No 6

Capturing the magical moments in
mathematics that we all love.

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Harvington Prep Newsletter No 5

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Harvington Prep Newsletter No 4

It never ceases to amaze how adept and comfortable such young children are with IT.

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Harvington Prep Newsletter No 3

It is with great pride that we have finalised our Spring Concert. This has been recorded by Mr Vince and includes class items and instrumental performances from Nursery children to Year 6 girls. It has been put together in a very short period of time since we have been back at school and I am very grateful to Mr Vince who has, yet again as always, inspired the children and guided them in what is a very high standard of performance in all areas. Please watch and enjoy and please share this with your child as part of a celebration of not just their item, but of the entire school. The link is attached to this week’s email to all parents.

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