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Registration Fee £100.00

Termly Fees

Nursery - Half Day £2,175.00

Nursery - Full Day £3,655.00

Transition £4,018.00

Years 1 -6 £4,205.00

Parents' Association Subscription £10.00

                                                                 Lunch £215.00 (To include morning milk and fruit/biscuit)

                                        Extra Subjects (10 Lessons per term)

Drama £220 per term

Singing £220 per term

Musical Instrument Lessons £220 per term

(Piano; Violin; Cello; Woodwind; Guitar) £220 per term


A non-refundable deposit of £1500 is required on written confirmation of acceptance of a place; this will be refunded, without interest, when your child leaves Harvington and all fees and outstanding debts have been paid. It is non- returnable in the event of a position not being taken up. No allowance is made for occasional absence, but parents may take advantage of the School Fees Remission Scheme to insure against absence.

Half a term’s notice must be given to discontinue an extra subject.

The school will give a term’s notice of any alteration in fees.

A full term’s notice of the intention to remove a pupil must be sent in writing to the Headmistress; otherwise the term’s fees will be payable in lieu of notice.