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Harvington Prep School is a school where a happy, creative, caring environment provides the conditions for learning and where individual fulfilment, academic excellence and social responsibility are encouraged. 


The school’s mission is to identify and develop to the full the natural talents and potential of each individual pupil and to prepare them for the next step of their education. The school seeks to achieve this within the context of a multi-cultural community, emphasising strong moral and spiritual principles shared with all faiths. 

We aim:  

• To provide our pupils with knowledge and experience appropriate to their age.  

• To teach skills of literacy and numeracy to the highest possible standard.  

• To teach those cultural skills which enable pupils to develop knowledge and 

understanding of the world, its peoples and cultures, both past and present.  

• To develop and enhance pupils’ knowledge of the environment and thereby 

foster an awareness of the need to conserve and care for its resources.  

• To develop the desire and ability to contribute to the community at large, 

respecting and appreciating others for their differences and beliefs.  

• To develop confidence in themselves to lead full and independent lives.  

• To develop an appreciation of art, drama and music and to provide 

opportunities for performances of a high standard. 

How is this achieved? 

• By providing a happy and safe environment which gives a sense of security with consistent 

expectations within an organised structure. 

• By giving the pupils high yet realistic targets, within an ethos of individual excellence.  

• By creating a caring atmosphere where pupils are confident that their individual needs will be respected and considered.  

• By providing a broad and stimulating curriculum. 

  • By helping children to develop lively, enquiring minds so they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed throughout their lives and to be responsible for their own learning. 
  • By providing equal opportunities for all pupils and by differentiating their learning as appropriate. 
  • By fostering respect and tolerance for the religious beliefs, cultural differences and the ways of the life of others. 
  • By developing in each child a feeling of self-worth. 
  • By helping children to understand the importance of being a good citizen and     their duty in the world as a whole. 
  • By having well qualified caring, happy staff that support each other and work together as a team to achieve all these aims. 
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