Our history curriculum aims to give girls a sense of the importance of past events and how these have influenced today’s society. Studying history refines the girls’ skills in independent research, evaluation and the ability to draw logical, fact-based conclusions.

History is topic based until Year 1, when it is taught as a discrete subject. The girls study British history with a chronological approach. Topics include: changes in Britain from Stone Age to the Iron Age, the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Aztecs, Tudors, Early Islamic Civilisation and Britain in the 1930s and beyond. Our teaching methods equip the girls with the facts and evidence and allows them to have a creative response, exploring and practising their written skills.

Our pupils look at historical artefacts and are encouraged to use the internet as a resource, as well as questioning the validity of source materials. They learn the importance of planning, logical sequencing and supporting arguments through evidence. The subject is supported outside the classroom by activities including workshops, visits to museums and places of historical importance, history days and presentations from guest speakers.

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