Duncan, Kennedy, Norris and Gordon

From Nursery, children are divided into four Houses: Duncan, Kennedy, Norris and Gordon. These house names have been in place since the school first began; Duncan, Kennedy and Norris being named after old pupils and Gordon being named after Gordon Road where the school was first located. This house system fosters a strong sense of belonging and loyalty across the whole school and helps to cultivate relationships between children in differing year groups. Each year a house captain is selected from Year 6 to lead their house

In the prep school children are very keen to work hard for their house. House points and Neat points are earned by children in the course of their school work. These are tallied each week and the House and Neat Point Cups are presented to the winning Houses in assembly with the cups being proudly displayed in the assembly hall for the week. At the end of term and the end of the academic year, the House with the most points over the whole period is awarded the Cup for the term or year.

Every Friday, the children in the prep-school have their lunch sat with their houses rather than class groups fostering a sense of belonging throughout the school. Additionally, there are many opportunities throughout the school year to work together and win points for your house. Our sports day, house netball competition and poetry competition are some of the girls’ favourites.

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