Our ICT suite is designed to encourage every girl to become a confident, autonomous user of a wide range of technological resources and to gain an understanding of the role that technology plays in 21st-century life. It is equipped with Apple Mac computers and Ipads and is used from the Early Years upwards.

The girls use applications creatively, including Web 2.0 tools, to produce presentations, desktop publishing documents, videos, photography, audio recordings and animations along with acquiring skills to help support work in other curriculum subjects. Simple programming is introduced in transition where programmable toys are used to develop control skills. As the girls progress through the school these skills are extended, leading to the ability to program simple computer games, building their understanding of computational thinking and problem solving.

Sensible and monitored use of the internet in school encourages discussion about its benefits and drawbacks. An emphasis is placed on the understanding of responsible and safe use of online tools in order to help pupils become responsible digital citizens.

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