Learning Support, EAL and extension

At Harvington Prep School we recognise that all children are individuals, with different areas of strength and weakness. Our class teachers work closely with the director of studies and head of learning support, monitoring the achievements and progress of each child. We aim for each child to become independent and resilient learners who are able to achieve their personal potential which means that some children will need extra support and some will need their learning extended beyond that of their peers.


Girls are identified as being gifted or talented when they consistently perform at a level beyond that of their peers. This may be in an academic subject where the girls are identified as gifted or in a skilled area, such as PE, where the girls are identified as talented. Our director of studies together with class teachers plans extension sessions and activities on either a one to one or small group basis to nurture the abilities of these children. Enrichment activities are organized on a weekly basis across year groups to further develop the knowledge and skills of our most able children.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support coordinator works with girls who may not be accessing the curriculum at the same level as their peers. A program of study is formulated according to their particular needs and regular support is timetabled.  This support may take the form of one-to-one help, working in a small group, or within class through appropriate differentiation. Girls may work in our dedicated Learning Support room or within a classroom setting, depending on individual needs.

We strive to work in partnership with parents so they are able to fully support their daughter’s learning. Our Learning Support coordinator is in regular contact with the families of all the girls he works with to ensure a unified approach to teaching and learning.

English as an additional language (EAL)

Our Learning Support coordinator also works with children for whom English is a second language. Children’s language development is nurtured and monitored by all staff and progress is discussed regularly.  For our youngest children we find that exposure to spoken English, learning through play with good role models soon helps children to learn the language, with very little ‘formal’ intervention. As the children progress through the Prep School lessons are differentiated and pupils may be withdrawn for individual or group lessons to enhance their development of English.

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