Rewards and Recognition

At Harvington we expect our pupils to practise good behaviour at all times. We use praise and rewards to support this. We have a set of golden rules that are discussed regularly in PSHE lessons and whole school assemblies and are well known by the children.

Points System

The reward system for academic work and neatly presented work is based on house points and neat points. Point boards are displayed in each classroom and points are added up at the end of each week. The winning house is announced in assembly and awarded a cup for the week.

Good Works

Work which is considered to show individual improvement, excellence and/or effort can be awarded Good Works status and is shown to the Headmistress. Children are recognized for their achievements in termly assemblies and certificates are awarded for every multiple of ten. Additionally, the house with the most Good Works is awarded the Good Work cup.

Prize giving

At the end of each academic year we hold a prize giving where parents are invited to join us in the celebration of our children’ achievements. Each child receives certificates of achievements, presented by our head of governors and many also receive cups. We have 75 cups which are presented to the children for a variety of reasons from improvement in French to mathematics to singing.

Office Bearers

In Year 6 each girl is awarded a position of responsibility within the school. These roles offer the girls a chance to lead their peers and take on a higher level of responsibility. The positions we award are head girl, deputy head girl, games captain and house captains as well as prefects for many areas of learning.

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