From Nursery to Year 2 children are taught by their class teachers.  From Year 3 the girls are taught by a subject specialist. Our large, well-equipped laboratory allows the girls to carry out experiments and to test their scientific predictions.

In the Early Years, science is taught largely as part of the specific area of ‘Understanding the World’ but is also integrated into many of the other areas. The girls are helped to connect the science that they learn in the laboratory with the world around them. They make bread, butter, ice cream, fizzy drinks and film canister rockets, as well as making and designing parachutes and rafts to investigate forces. Our Year 6 girls design and make toys with electrical circuits using motors and LEDs to allow their creations to move and light up.

Our pond and garden areas are invaluable for pond dipping and mini-beast hunts, as well as for growing our own fruit and vegetables. Every Spring, we incubate a number of hens’ eggs and the whole school watches their progress from egg to chick.

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